The Office Pal contracting team can help you create a customized business solution to meet your organization’s objectives efficiently and cost effectively.

TOP website offers ordering and accounting features that will save employees time, enhance order accuracy, and ensure money is spent wisely. Our product favorite and easy reorder features reduces agencies order time by up to 55% by naming each supply with your unique name, not only will wrongs item never be ordered, but it also cuts the average 8 item order time from 7 minutes to 3.15 minutes.

TOP multi-level ordering system allows executive employees to review every single order without having to actually place the order themselves. Accounts can be set up so that every order is being emailedto supervisors for an approval (prior to entering into TOP system) where it can be edited or deleted so that executives can micro manage each dollar spent while eliminating time spent on actually preparing and submitting orders.

Orders can be scheduled to be delivered for a later date allowing agencies to prepare their orders at their leisure, eliminating overstock, yet ensuring proper stock is maintained.

TOP easy re-ordering system allows customers to complete their orders in a matter of seconds by selecting from a list of previously ordered items they ordered and, selecting from a list of pre-loaded ship to addresses, encrypted credit cards on file. In addition, when utilizing easy re-order, customers can see the date and quantities last ordered, enhancing ability to maintain proper stock and avoid overstocking.

TOP flexible reporting systems meets the most stringent accounting rules in the industry and allows each agency to download reports based on ship to location, item number, product category, and date; hence an agency looking to cut their budget will be able to generate a report in a matter of seconds, i.e., a report monochrome vs. color, inkjet vs. laser toner etc. (a unparalleled tool in the industry).

TOP ships from a network of 45 distribution centers and reaches 98% of the US population within two days of placing your order.

For more information please feel free to call 877-486-0590 and one of our friendly reps will be glad to assist you.