Going Green

Ink-Toner cartridges and their environmental impact:

  • GHGs (greenhouse gases) emissions from manufacturing a single mono toner cartridge have been calculated to approximately 4.8 kg CO2; per cartridge. This is for the cartridge only and excludes the toner inside. The Life Cycle Assessment of toner reveals that the GHG emissions are approximately 16 metric tons per 1 metric ton toner produced. On average a cartridge with a yield of 5000 pages contains 200 grams toner. This equals 3.2 kg CO2 emission per cartridge.

  • Each year over 350 million cartridges are thrown out to landfills.

  • By 2012 500 million laser cartridges and 1.8 billion ink cartridges will be dumped in landfills.

  • Each cartridge becomes 3.5 pounds of solid waste sitting in a landfill and can take up to 450 to 1000 years to decompose.

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